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*Program is subject to change and will be updated continuously up to the congress.


Session 1 New imaging technology Leader
Mitsuhiro Kida
Color doppler (including Tissue Harmonic Echo )
Contrast harmonic EUS
Confocal probe & needle
3 cases  (Deomonstrating some techniques related to above topics)
Discussion Efficacy & Limitation of color doppler
Efficacy & Limitation of contrast harmonic EUS
Efficacy & Limitation of elastography
Efficacy & Limitation of confocal probe & needle


Session 2 EUS-FNA / EUS-FNB Leader

Marcin Polkowski
Elements Contents
Presentation What defines and how to obtain histology samples?
The advantages of histology over cytology: How often are they clinically significant?
4 cases
Discussion FNB needles: A game changer or just another tool?
ROSE indispensable for best results?
How many needle passes without ROSE?


Session 3 Interventional EUS treatment Leader

Vinay Dhir
Elements Contents
Presentation The status of Interventional EUS in 2018
Celiac plexus block
PFC drainage
Tumor therapy (RFA/Alcohol)
EUS-BD/GB drainage
Discussion Plastic versus metal stent for PFC
Algorithmic approach to EUS-BD
EUS-guided vascular interventions
Pancreatic duct access and therapy
Enteral stent versus EUS-guided GJ



Session 4 Solution to challenging cases : Pros & Cons Leader

Bertrand Napoleon
Topics Contents
Pancreatic mass
How does new imaging technology help?
How does FNA/FNB help?
Chronic pancreatitis
How does new imaging tchnology help?
Pancreatic cystic lesions
How does imaging help?
Pancreatic cystic lesions: How does FNA/FNB help?
Pancreatic cystic lesions: How does cyst ablation help?
Post bilinary drainage: How do we manage it?
Post pseudocyst drainage: How do we manage it?


Session 5 Evidence-based practice Leader

Shyam Varadarajulu
Pancreatic fluid collection drainage
Biliary ductal drainage
Tumor ablation
Contrast imaging
Gallbladder drainage
Vascular interventions
Anastomosis (gastro-jejunostomy)
Has FNB replaced FNA for tissue acquisition?


Session 6 Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Leader

Robert Hawes
The evolution of EUS – past to present
EUS as an imaging tool – how to reverse the trend toward CT/MRI?
Top 3 indications for EUS in the next 5 years: What is needed to support these indications?
– U.S.  Perspective
Top 3 indications for EUS in the next 5 years: What is needed to support these indications?
– European perspective
Technology development update






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